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At , photography is our priority! Our transport and meal times revolve around our quest to give you the very best photographic opportunities. However, eating, enjoying local culture and having fun are also high priorities.

Photo: Phil Hawkins

The quality of our photographers and support crew and field notes are second to none. Many participants return with the best photographs they have ever taken. Listen to their words!

Whether you are using film cameras or digital camera, whether you are shooting aerial photos or beach photos we will cater for your photographic needs.

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By joining you will become part of a small and enthusiastic family of photographers. New friendships will be forged and we are confident that you will return with new confidence and zest for your photography.

Saturate yourself with your subject
and your camera will all but take you by the hand

Margaret Bourke-White 1904-1971

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Borneo Tour departs Nov 3

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