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Types of Digital Cameras


‘Point and Shoot’ digital compact cameras (budget)


These cameras are in the budget category. They typically produce images of about 0.3 Megapixels. They produce low resolution images barely suitable for the web. There are usually no controls over focus, exposure and the like. They have built-in memory with no separate memory card and poor quality lenses. They are toys, fun items and probably great for kids.



Compact digital camera (mid-price)


These cameras have better quality body and lens and will provide the photographer with some creative control over the image. They are an ideal starting point. They typically produce 2-3 megapixel images and can produce a good quality A4 size print.


Advanced digital camera (top price)


This camera type produces an image 4-6 megapixel in size. Some have TTL viewing with high capacity storage (up to 1 gigabyte). Cameras such as this can be used professionally and can produce images for publication.


Digital SLR


These cameras are at the upper end of the price range. They offer all the creative controls of a film SLR in digital format. The photographer can interchange lenses and has complete independent control over aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Can be used for professional and commercial applications.


Capture backs for medium-format SLR’s


Unlike the SLR this system utilises the well-established medium-format camera market by providing a ‘digital back’ for an existing camera. (Hasselblad, Mamiya and Bronica).

They are capable of capturing images in excess of 50 megapixels.


Scanning backs for large format cameras


At the top end of the market are cameras that were once used to record top quality images on 4x5 inch film. The digital scanning back is capable of producing images in 14 bit data with file sizes up to 550 megapixels! These cameras are usually studio based and tripod mounted. They are used for top end advertising, product and commercial applications.