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Basic Camera Management



Safety First with your camera


Treat your camera with TLC!


  • Avoid dropping or shocks
  • Avoid extremes of heat and moisture
  • Avoid strong electrical fields
  • Handle the CF card with extreme care
  • Keep the lens clean and avoid any abrasive or sharp objects
  • Use the camera strap
  • Write down the serial number
  • Use a padded case




Battery Management


Flat batteries and digital cameras seem to go hand in hand. Rechargeable batteries today are of an extremely high quality but they still go flat at the most embarrassing moments! Here are some tips for ensuring you are never embarrassed again:


LCD _____________________________________________________________


Flash _____________________________________________________________


Back-Up __________________________________________________________




1. Try This! Locate the battery compartment. Remove the battery (ies). Check the size and power. Put the battery back in.





Shot on Fuji S2 Digital Camera Shelley- 1/800 sec @ f3.5 2.1 megapixel jpeg image

August 2003