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What participants have to say

Well, what a wonderful excursion. I had the best time and i i met some of the nicest people I am ever likely to meet. Thankyou for the huge effort you put in (I have E-mailed Nick to thank him). Without your effort, commitment, knowledge, unselfishness and of course your sense of humour the trip could not have been as enjoyable as it was. I am inspired and once again excited about my photography.

Lance Tavani, Photographer, 2002

The course was challenging, focused and very informative. You share your knowledge, a wonderful gift.

John Scott, farmer, 2002

THANKS a million for presenting such a wonderfully informative & enjoyable workshop on the W/E. You were able to answer so many questions that have been going around, unanswered, in my head....SUCH A RELIEF!

Denise Williams, Graphic designer, 2002

I am just writing to thank you for the terrific job you have done in teaching the portrait course
and inspiring me to "take the best portrait I have
ever taken". I have my proofs back from
Sunday's photo session and I am so happy with the results that I have achieved, this has
boosted my confidence so much that I am raring to go and take more and more pictures of people. Prior to this course I was very uncomfortable taking pictures of people and thought I was lousy at it but now I am truly inspired to keep
practising and improving.

Fiona Harris, lawyer, 2002

Thanks- it was a great experience.

Lawrence Beilin, Heart Surgeon, 2002

Firstly, thank you for all your assistance with my new camera at Cervantes.

Also, I must congratulate both yourself & Nick for such an inspirational couple of days and Sam for the work that she must have done in helping set things up.

Clare Kirby

Dear Wild Ones, Great workshop! Many thanks.

John and Cynthia, Rheumatologist, 2002

I just wanted to thank you once again for the weekend
in York . I learnt some important new things, and figured out the solution to some of my problems, so it was invaluable to me. And it was great to do it with a group
of people who have moved beyond the basics - I actually learnt a lot from some of them - far more than I have in other courses which cater for both beginners and 'post-beginners'. Just when I think I know everything I can know (and that I must just lack talent!) I learn something knew and my photos improve...

Angie Rowe, farm adviser, 2002

Thank you for a fantastic two days. I learnt heaps. Thank you for a great weekend.

Pam Ghirardi

Just a quick note to say "Thankyou" for a great couple of days and evening. I am really pleased I made it down for the Thursday evening !!!!!!!

It was well worth it !!!!! Hopefully we can all catch up some time in the future, or attend another course in the future !!!!!!!

Peter Sippe, rural agent, 2001

The wrap-up night from your recent UWA extension course was an absolute highlight - especially looking at everyone's results and your comments on them. Thanks again for an inspiring course.

Mark Jackson, 2001

Thank you for the fantastic 3 day course I have just
completed with you at UWA. One of my major deficiencies
prior to the course was my lack of confidence in what I was doing, mainly due to not thoroughly understanding the relationship between Aperture/Shutter Speed/Exposure. I am pleased to say that it has finally 'clicked' and I am so keen to shoot my next film using the knowledge I now have. Although I have read and been told much of the information previously,
I truly believe that it is the 'hands-on' practical experience, (with your guidance) that has been most beneficial.

Catherine Hingley, Photographer, 2001

Thanks again for doing that photography course, I thoroughly enjoyed it all and learnt so much.

Linda Gittos, 2002

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